Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Essentials

Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) Base Platform

  • Explain installation procedures and options
  • Analyze and configure EM architecture to meet business and technical requirements
  • Implement security and identity management in EM
  • Manage and monitor a configuration using EM
  • Tune product performance using EM
  • Provision and patch with EM
  • Describe EM plug-in and connector management

Database Diagnostics and Configuration Troubleshooting

  • Explain  database configuration and diagnostics using EM
  • Configure and manage Oracle databases with EM
  • Optimize Oracle databases with EM

Oracle Fusion Middleware Fundamentals

  • Configure and administer services using EM
  • Explain features of Oracle Middleware and SOA management packs

Hardware Fundamentals – Enterprise Manager Operations Center (EM Ops Center)

  • Explain EM Ops Center installation options, support and maintenance resources
  • Analyze and configure EM Ops Center to meet business and technical requirements
  • Administer and support operating systems with EM Ops Center
  • Explain Solaris 11 Operating System provisioning
  • Explain virtualization management for OVM Sparc and x86 -Infrastructure as a Service

Oracle Real User Experience Insight (RUEI)

  • Configure and implement REUI
  • Explain RUEI features and related management packs
  • Determine applicable licensing and perform installation of RUEI

Enterprise Reporting with EM

  • Explain Information Publisher and BI Publisher components
  • Configure  Information Publisher or BI Publisher job to produce a report

Business Transaction Monitoring (BTM)

  • Describe BTM concepts, features and related management packs
  • Configure EM to perform Business Transaction Monitoring

Oracle Enterprise Manager Core Product Fundamentals

  • Configure environment readiness, migration, installation for EM
  • Configure new console and review configuration
  • Configure and administer EM credentials and authentication
  • Configure and administer EM job system and schedule a job
  • Install and configure EM agent installation following deployment best practices
  • Setup and use EM Administrative Groups and Template Collection

Problem Identification, Notification and Resolution

  • Configure and monitor using EM metrics and metric extensions
  • Explain EM Incident Management and Incident Rule Sets
  • Explain EM diagnostics and database snapshots to validate configurations
  • Explain middleware monitoring and diagnostics with EM

Cloud Management Fundamentals

  • Describe Cloud setup and guided wizard
  • Explain provisioning and deployment to the Cloud with EM
  • Explain the Self Service Portal
  • Describe EM management and monitoring for the Cloud
  • Perform a consolidation analysis with Consolidation Planner
  • Explain EM chargeback and metering with EM

Operations and Lifecycle Management Fundamentals

  • Perform EM MOS setup and integration, MyOracle support product update and patch advisory
  • Explain automating provisioning and patching with EM
  • Explain change comparison and configuration management capabilities
  • Describe automated discovery, relationship dependencies and routing topology
  • Monitor EM health and maintain EM itself: management service, repository and targets
  • Monitor and maintain Oracle and heterogeneous databases with EM
  • Explain middleware and SOA monitoring and maintenance with EM
  • Explain application monitoring and maintenance with EM
  • Describe Test Data Management with EM
  • Explain framework and standards support, compliance management reporting

Hardware Management Fundamentals

  • Explain systems, host, and virtualization management with EM
  • Describe Oracle Engineered Systems Management

Application Management Fundamentals

  • Explain Oracle packaged application management and application suites
  • Describe Oracle next generation  Fusion Application Management