Microsoft Excel 2013

About this Certificate

Excel is a powerful spreadsheet application created by Microsoft which helps you to understand and analyze business functions. This application is mainly useful for business heads for taking decisions about their business.  Microsoft introduced a number of new features in Excel 2013, such as saving files in remote locations, new chart types, slicers and timeline feature to work with pivot tables, FlashFill, etc. All these features allow the user to work with data more efficiently and effectively.

This course will provide you a comprehensive introduction to the basics of Excel 2013 application and customizing excel options. It will give an introduction to creating and managing worksheets and workbooks. We will learn about creating and formatting cells and ranges. The course will also cover the information about creating and formatting tables, applying formulas and functions, creating charts, and inserting objects.

Demos are provided to show how to work with Excel application and get hands-on experience in Excel 2013. The target audience of the course is anyone who is interested in learning Excel 2013. No prerequisite skills are required for taking this course.

Training Contents
Section 1: 01. Start Here
0101 Let’s Get Started With Excel 2013
0102 The Excel Workbook Explained
0103 Signing Up For Your Own Free SkyDrive
0104 Customize The Quick Access Toolbar
0105 Using The Included Working Files
Section 2: 02. Managing Excel Workbooks And Worksheets
0201 Creating And Saving A New Workbook
0202 Opening Workbooks And Save As Options
0203 Saving And Opening SkyDrive Files
0204 Navigating An Excel Workbook
205 Adding And Removing Worksheets
0206 Renaming Copying And Moving Worksheets
Section 3: 03. Entering And Editing Data In Cells
0301 Entering Text, Numbers, And Dates
0302 Entering Numbers As Text
0303 Editing The Contents Of A Cell
0304 Undo And Redo Actions
0305 Cut, Copy, And Paste
0306 Dragging And Dropping Cells
0307 The Fill Handle
0308 Inserting And Deleting Cells Columns And Rows
0309 Changing Column Widths And Row Heights
0310 Hiding And Un-Hiding Columns And Rows
0311 Searching For Values In A Workbook
Section 4: 04. Math Basics
0401 Getting Started With Basic Math Formulas
0402 Order Of Operation With BODMAS
0403 Introduction To Basic Formulas
0404 Copying Formulas And Functions
0405 Displaying Formulas On A Worksheet
Section 5: 05. Formatting Worksheets
0501 Selecting Cells For Formatting
0502 Modifying Typeface Font, Size, And Colour
0503 Merging And Wrapping Cell Contents
0504 Using Number Formats
0505 Cell Content Alignment And Orientation
0506 Adding And Removing Borders From A Selection
0507 Applying A Date Format To A Cell Or Range
0508 The Format Painter
0509 Finding And Replacing Formats
0510 Clearing Cell Contents Vs. Clearing Cell Formatting
Section 6: 06. Workbook And Worksheet Management
0601 Worksheet Navigation And Coloured Worksheet Tabs
0602 Moving Or Copying Worksheets Within And Between Workbooks
0603 Viewing And Scrolling Multiple Workbooks At The Same Time
0604 Hiding And Un-Hiding Sheets
0605 Modifying More Than One Worksheet At A Time
Section 7: 07. Page Setup And Printing
0701 Using Print Titles And Print Areas
0702 Paper Size, Orientation, Margins, And Scaling Options
0703 Creating Headers and Footers
0704 Using The Page Break And The Page Layout Views
0705 Printing A Range Of Cells
0706 Running The Spell Checker
0707 Controlling Most Print Settings In One Place
Section 8: 08. Mathematical Formulas
0801 The Sum Function
0802 Copying Formulas And Functions
0803 Other Mathematical Functions: Average, Min, And Max
0804 Useful Count Functions
0805 Absolute Referencing Explained
0806 Formulas Across Worksheets
0807 3D Referencing
0808 Making Use Of Named Cells And Ranges
Section 9: 09. Advanced Formatting
0901 Enhancing Worksheets Using Themes
0902 Adding, Editing, And Deleting Comments
0903 Creating Your Own Autofill List
0904 Converting Data To A Table For Formatting
Section 10: 10. Security
1001 Activating And Deactivating Worksheet Protection
1002 Protecting Part Of A Worksheet To Aid Data Entry
1003 Password Protecting The Whole Workbook
Section 11: 11. Excel 2013 Templates
1101 Using The 2013 Templates
1102 Creating And Using Your Own Template
Section 12: 12. Graphics Objects
1201 Obtaining And Inserting Online Images
1202 Using SmartArt Graphics
1203 Inserting Shapes And Screenshots
1204 Formatting Graphical Objects
1205 The Stacking Order
1206 Grouping Multiple Objects Together
1207 Using Graphical Objects And Mathematical Formulas
Section 13: 13. Using Charts In Excel
1301 The New Recommended Charts Option
1302 Create A Chart Using The Long Or The Short Method
1303 Formatting A Chart With The 2013 Shortcut Options
1304 Modifying The Chart Type
1305 Formatting Chart Elements
1306 Adding A Trendline
1307 The Pie Chart In Detail
1308 Mini Graphs: Sparklines
Section 14: 14. Excel As A Database
1401 Fixing On Screen Rows And Columns
1402 Fixing Print Rows And Columns
1403 Sorting Data In Excel
1404 Filtering Data To Reduce Dataset Size
1405 Removing Duplicate Entries In The Data
1406 Adding Subtotals To A Worksheet Of Data
1407 Using Text To Columns Effectively
1408 Linking To Data On A Webpage
Section 15: 15. Advanced Formulas
1501 Using An If Formula
1502 Use Of The If Function To Hide Excel Error Messages
1503 Datedif: A Useful But Hidden Formula
1504 Text Manipulation Using Functions
1505 Use The Text Function To Format Numbers
1506 Date Manipulation Functions
1507 Introducing Sumif, Countif, And Averageif
1508 Use Of Rank To Calculate Placings
1509 Flash Fill: The Magic Touch


Training Fee & Duration

Fee:                       Rs. 8,000 Per Participant
Duration:               3 Weeks
Class Days:             Monday to Wednseday 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

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