Oracle Database 12c

Program Summary:

Oracle Database is now cloud ready with Multitenant Architecture (CDB& PDB).

Oracle’s new pluggable database feature introduced in database 12creduces the risk of consolidation because the DBA can easily plug or unplug an existing database to or from a container database. There is no need to change any code in the application.

Learn To:

  • Understand Oracle Multitenant databases
  • Manage Database Clouds
  • Understand and Reducing Risks of Getting to the Cloud
  • Patch, Clone & Upgrade Database 12c
  • Bring services back quickly in case they go down because of any issues
  • Understand new security concepts introduced in Oracle Multitenant


  • December 21, 2017
  • Class on Thursday to Saturday from 7 to 9 PM


  • LBS Oracle Apps Academy, 603 Al-Hafeez Heights Gulberg III Lahore, Pakistan
  • Online through live GoToMeeting Sessions


  • Rs. 10,600

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Oracle Database 12c—the world's first database designed for the cloud

Oracle Database 12c makes the process far faster and simpler, enabling the high density of schema-based consolidation—without requiring changes to existing applications.

Oracle Database 12c changes the game with automatic data optimization, which monitors not just the age but also the usage or "temperature" of data, then automatically moves data between different storage and compression tiers accordingly.


Module 1 : Architecture

Lesson 1 – Overview of Oracle Database 12c
Lesson 2 – Oracle Database Architecture: Overview
Lesson 3 – Oracle Database Instance Configurations
Lesson 4 – Connecting to the Oracle Database Instance
Lesson 5 – Oracle Database Memory Structures and Processes
Lesson 6 – Database Storage Architecture
Lesson 7 – Pluggable databases and container databases
Lesson 8 – Difference between 11g and 12c

Module 3 : Multitenant database administration I

Lesson 1 -Create a PDB from the seed PDB
Lesson 2 – Connect to a CDB and to a PDB
Lesson 3 – Manage CDBs and PDBs
Lesson 4 – Start up and shutdown a CDB
Lesson 5 – Open and Close PDBs
Lesson 6 – Pluggable Database Storage Management
Lesson 7 – Pluggable Database Memory Management
Lesson 8 – Understanding 12c dictionary views
Lesson 9 – Security concepts in Pluggable Databases
Lesson 10 – Oracle Database New Features

Module 5 : Backup & Recovery in Multitenant Databases

Lesson 1 – Backups
Lesson 2 – Recovery
Lesson 3 – Recovery Basics revisited
Lesson 4 – Handling redo log failures
Lesson 5 – Recovery use cases
Lesson 6 – Point In Time Recovery

Module 2 : Software Installation & Database Creation

Lesson 1 – Planning
Lesson 2 – Hardware and OS pre-requisites
Lesson 3 – Database creation: CLI & DBCA
Lesson 4 – Understanding Oracle Services

Module 4 : Multitenant database administration II

Lesson 1 – Convert a Non-CDB to a PDB
Lesson 2 – Unplugging and Plugging Multitenant Databases
Lesson 3 – Remote cloning of Non-CDB
Lesson 4 – Cloning Pluggable Databases
Lesson 5 – PDB Snapshot Clone
Lesson 6 – Cloning Alternatives

Module 6: Database Upgrade

Lesson 1 – Upgrade Methodology
Lesson 2 – Routine Patching: OPatch
Lesson 3 – Ensuring Plan Stability Post Upgrade
Lesson 4 – Testing the Upgrade
Lesson 5 – Introduction to EM Express to manage 12c Databases